No Place Like Lublin

UPDATE: the Whispered Lublin webpage offers a unique opportunity to download Lublin for Beginners mp3 guided tour. Feel free to download the file and use it during your stay in Lublin. You can can find the page HERE

3002473065_cc08da7a25.jpg Called by many "Gate to the East" Lublin is a fast-growing city located in the south-east of Poland. Historically, it is a place shaped by many generations whose cultural imprint is particularly discernable in Lublin´s architecture and ambience. Some of the finest examples of Lublin´s architecture, such as the monumental Royal Castle, the Holy Trinity church covered with magnificent Russo-Byzantine murals, architecturally unique Renaissance burgher houses in the Old Town, adjoin the bleak overpowering structures of a failed communist utopia. A beautiful baroque magnate residence in nearby Kozlowka housing Europe´s only Gallery of Socialist Realist Art is an apt emblem of Poland´s confusing past.

WatchtowerAs one of the oldest multicultural cities of Poland the pre-war Lublin was a major centre of the flourishing Jewish culture. It was here that the famous Yeshiva Chachmei Lublin was opened in 1930. During the Second World War almost the entire Jewish population was killed by German Nazis in the nearby concentration camp at Majdanek. After the war the camp became a memorial dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust.

3002473065_cc08da7a25.jpg Yet, it is not only the remnants of the past which attract a large number of tourists every year. More importantly, the Lublin of today is a multi-faceted city that aspires to accommodate the needs of modern generations. Owing to its strategic location, it constitutes a vital communication and transportation centre between the east and the west. Close proximity to the eastern neighbours encourages multidimensional development, facilitates trade exchanges and promotes buoyant international cooperation.

Excellent educational and academic opportunities available in Lublin are also a strong asset of the city. A wide range of well-known Polish universities such as Marie Curie-Sklodowska University (UMCS), the Catholic University of Lublin (KUL), Lublin University of Technology, Medical University, University of Life Sciences; and a number of other higher education institutions provide students with high-standard education and constitute eminent research centres in Poland.

3002473065_cc08da7a25.jpg It is also a vibrant cultural life that makes up Lublin´s unique and exceptional ambience. A plethora of artistic and cultural venues organised on the national as well as international scale make Lublin a multicultural and inspirational place. Some of the notable cultural events include the European Performance Art Festival, the International Theatre Confrontation or the International Film Festival ´Crossroads of Europe´. The richness and diversity of cultural activities in Lublin have been recognised internationally, as Lublin has been nominated the candidate for the title of the European City of Culture in 2016.